Slab menu Improvements

First of all, I’m really happy with opensuse - and think you have done a very nice job. I’m also think it’s great you made ‘slab’ for us gnome users. However, can I suggest a few improvements?

My major suggestion, is to make the search box work instantly. And work in what ever field you are in. So if “Applications” is selected, and I start typing “Firef” – every application should be shown that matches that.

If you want to keep the “More Applications”. It shouldn’t need to launch a new window - but do it inside slab. On my underpowered laptop, launching this window takes at least 3 or 4 seconds, which really slows down the work flow. BTW: the “filter” in this application browser works really well and would just need to be moved over to the actual slab menu.

And my third suggestion would be to allow us to customize it more. I’d love to be able to add and remove “links” to the right hand margin you have there.


The search takes a second. I’m not sure it can be made instantaneous or not.

I don’t mind a slight delay.

I just mean, you should be able to start searching in the “search” box of slab and it narrows your choices. Just like how Application Browser, Vista, KDE, evolution, rhythmbox etc. does it.

But look at Vista for a really nice implementation. Although it could be faster. :smiley: