Skyplayer - can't watch it...?

Hi guys,

I’ve tried watching skyplayer online (after it asked me to download “moonlight” plugin) on both firefox and google chrome, and both times i select which channel to watch, i get greeted with a blank, white area on the page where the programme should be.

Any idea if this is possible using suse linux? using 11.3 on kde 4.4.4 release 3.

thanks guys


I’m using 11.4
And I don’t plan to trash this install testing this, but I’ll just switch to a sandbox machine and see what I can work out. Do I need a login for it?

I suspect you’ll need to moan and groan to Sky about the poor linux support.

wow, didn’t realise 11.4 was out! what are the additional benefits (if any)? guess i’ll be downloading that later, though will use dual boot as this 11.3 install is brilliant. no worries, i was just wondering if anyone on here has tried using it. yeah, it requires a username and pw so i don’t fancy giving that out online as it’s not my account.

thanks again chap,


No I couldn’t test it.
No don’t give me any login details in any way - I don’t want that responsibility.

11.4 is great - For me at least, many others too. You will read some issues. Try a live CD first.