Skype will not run with Kopete

I’m using Kopete as my IM manager with the Skype plugin. I used the One Click Install tool to install Skype4py and than I enabled Skype in Kopete. Every time I try to enable Skype within Kopete I get an error box that says, “no Skype”. Has anyone experienced this problem and what can I do to resolve it.

OS: 11.2 64bit

Just a guess. Do you have Skype installed and working?

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Which begs the question: if Skype is installed and working, why would someone use Kopete for a Skype chat?

Kopete has its own chat window and that will be used for all connected programs. (For example, Skype, Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.) So, you can log into multiples of them at the same time.

Hello JJMT, I thought you had to download Skype for Kopete in order to video chat with IM’s in your contact list, if that’s not so why doesn’t skype show up when I do an install software search with YAST? Does the Skype website have an independent program for Linux users?

Thanks, DMandato

Kopote is just acting as a front end to Skype. The Skype code must be present. There is a Linux version I believe there is a package in the repos but I just get it from the Skype sight.