Skype - Webcams and sound...

Hello All,

I installed skype with the help of the skype wiki on (using zypper to install extra necessary packages).

So, Skype now opens A-ok, but I have 2 problems:


  2. My 2 USB webcams don’t work.

  3. I have an AMD 64 bit processor with an nvidia geforce 6000 series GPU. Sound also seems to be routed through Nvidia. No matter what I choose for outgoing sound in Skype’s settings, I don’t get any outgoing sound. Although the Skype test call will work without crashing - but with no sound, of course.

  4. I have 2 usb webcams. Both worked with skype in PCLOS 2007 (KDE3.5 - I don’t remember the kernel number). These webcams do not work with kde4 distros - perhaps it is a kde4 issue, or perhaps an issue with the newer kernels. One webcam is a logitech quickcam with mic, and I forget the other one (a bit older with no mic).

Any ideas how to trouble shoot this one…???



Please confirm you have sound working in your PC, but its only Skype where it does not work.

Please, with your webcam(s) connected provide the output of:

Have you looked at the web page: HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE