Skype troubles with HD Webcam under KDE4 only, works in Skype under IceWM. Help!

I’m a proud owner of a fine HP laptop that comes with an integrated HP HD Webcam (Lite On Technology 04ca:704d) which works with the Uvcvideo driver.

The webcm gives a nice picture in Wxcam using the V4L2 interface and YUYV as well as YUV420 picture format.

However in Skype it doesn’t work. Without V4L compat layer Skype freezes/crashes KDE4. With the V4L compat layer a single frozen frame is displayed in Skype.

In IceWM however the same webcam works without trouble using Skype with the V4L compat layer.

Any ideas on how to diagnose this or remedy the situation?

Best wishes, VL

Why a second?

Ambiguous whether HW or SW problem, so once in each place…

Skype works with my camera under Opensuse Leap 42, which comes with a newer kernel and Gfx Driver. I suspect a video driver issue with my Intel Gfx Card under Opensuse 13.2 using the driver i915. This is due to hangs of device i915 being reported in logs after starting my camera in Skype. Why the camera cause problems under KDE only and only with Skype, I don’t know for certain, but I suspect it has something to do with Skypes reliance on V4L1. As mentioned earlier the problem persists even after using the compatibility layer for V4L2.

No more info than this. Poor help for anyone else. Just give up and switch to a newer Opensuse :{