Skype - test call works fine, normal doesn't


I’m using Acer Aspire One AO722 with opensuse 12.1 and KDE. I can’t get external mic to work so I’m using built-in microphone. Skype test call works perfectly, I can hear my voice but during normal calls the other person doesn’t hear me at all. I disabled auto volume control in Skype options.
Any help would be appreciated.

On 08/17/2012 01:56 PM, Vandaeriel wrote:
> during normal calls the other person doesn’t hear me at all.

maybe that person has sound problems…
try to call someone else…


>maybe that person has sound problems…
That’s not the problem. I can call them from another computer and it works fine.

On 08/17/2012 04:36 PM, Vandaeriel wrote:
> That’s not the problem

this may help, it may not (i’m using older software, that is 11.4,
KDE4.6.0 and Skype–it is what i had to do with my Acer Aspire
One D255 about 20 months ago–which i mention because your hardware is
probably made with many different bits of hardware–for specifics on my
hard/software, see sig)

another reason i say this may not help you is it is confusing to me that
you can have a successful test call to skype, but not to another
individual…i had no success with either until i did this:

-start skype
-click the Main Menu icon (here: a blue background, white font S)
-select “Options” (tools icon)
-in the dialog which opens, select “Sound Devices”
-here the top line in the newly shown settings is “Microphone” with a
spin to set down pointing arrow on the far right…

on initial install it was set to “Default device (default)” which did
not work…

mine now shows selected “HDA Intel, ALC272XAnalog (hw:0,0)” which works
here…so, select it and press Apply

there are (here) several other devices listed which begin with "HDA
“Intel, ALC272XAnalog” none of those (other than the one with “(hw:0,0)”
worked here…but, i found no ill effects from trying them all…so,
try (hw:0,0) first, then maybe give the others a chance…

otoh, if you already have the (hw:0,0) selected, then i guess you have
a problem with pulse audio–which i can’t help with, at all…but, if
you can attract the interest of “oldcpu” he probably can…