Skype? Starting to need it on laptop

I hope this is the right place to post this.

Should I ‘snap’ in skype, or use pidgin or ???

We had a related thread here a couple of months ago, Bill.

I am still using the official Skype repo, at: https://https//

Hope this helps.

Yes it does, Thank you.

I had to go the zypper route. YaST repository would not take the skype rpm link.
But got 'r done!
thanks again.

Happy to help, Bill!

I used to do a lot of Skype calls but since the time of quarantine and virus situation in general I was stuck in my property in Germany for weeks and a company I work for obligated us to use Zoom. So now I use it more often.

I asked about Zoom, but The outfit am telephoning to uses skype and facetime. Wouldn’t ya know it, MS and Apple! Like there aren’t other options that may be better, and used more. Oddly enough the agent that I talk to there uses and android phone.

You are right, to be honest I don’t trust facetime at all.