skype qt4

To install skype Qt4.2+ is listed as software requirement. When I try to find it I find Qt3 in the repositories but not Qt4 only qt4-xxxx packages for 64bit version of Suse11.0x86_64 KDE4. Did I miss some repositories? Has anyone else installed skype for the x86_64 version of suse? Skype 's download is a i586 package.
Any help is appreciated.

Install the qt4…-32bit packages. That’s for one. I made an rpm from a downloaded skype_ubuntu- using ‘alien -r skype_ubuntu-’. It runs as is should. I could never get the 32bit version to work on my laptop.

Thanks but where do I find Qt 4? I find qt4-x11-tools…, qt4-qscript-… qt4-xyz- but no Qt4? Qt3 is in the repositories and approx. 10 qt4-xyz packagers but no Qt4.

Thanks - i’ve got it now

Well, mind sharing with the rest of the class? I’m having the exact same issue:

linux-2v48:/usr/bin # ./skype
./skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
linux-2v48:/usr/bin #

Also possibly MIA; libQtCorexSO.4,, and…if I’m reading my own handwriting correctly.