Skype outage!

If you cannot connect with Skype, don’t change your settings. The problem comes from Skype. Google for Skype outage.

Thank you - wish i’d seen this sooner!!!

Thanks a lot for the informations. A brief explanation of the problem by skype guys [RESOLVED] Sign in server problems - Heartbeat](

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An article by bbc on the underlying problem :
BBC News - Skype crash: Software bug and server overloads blamed

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glistwan wrote:
> (

yesterday i got an email apologizing for the inconvenience and a
voucher for 30 minutes worth of talk time to most any land line on earth…

so, i i’ll call my cousin 11 time zones away, on Skype’s nickle! :wink:

thank you Skype, i do wish they were listed on the stock exchange…

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