Skype new user: openSUSE repository or Skype official?

I’ve held out for as long as I can, but will soon become a first-time user of the proprietary Skype software. Setup will begin when I receive my webcam and headset.

My research suggests that I can install in one of two ways:

  • Via openSUSE (my preference) through the network:telephony project:

Can any existing users of Skype on openSUSE suggest which of these routes is likelier to offer better results, or mention pros and cons or following one route or the other? Any other Skype tips will be appreciated, too.

The second option is what I go with and I never really had issues with it. As long as you install the skype rpm using zypper from stable repository, it will add its own repository from skype server and keep itself up to date.

Thanks for the response, SJLPHI.

Does anyone want to put in a good word for the openSUSE alternative? If not, I’ll probably go for

I should mention that the repos from OpenSuse repos are almost always slightly out of date unless the maintainer/keeper of the repo updates everything very promptly. You should also know that Skype uses gnome-keyring even if you install it in KDE environment. Unless you install gnome-keyring, it’ll never remember your account details.

Not me, it isn’t perfect but it is the better choice.

Thanks again for the feedback, SJLPHI and john_hudson.

I decided to opt for the official repo and got it working more easily than expected. I may restore a pre-Skype snapshot and experiment with the openSUSE repo in the future.

Gnome-keyring was already installed, fortunately. I’ll guess that it came with my Cinnamon desktop.

Hi all and thanks for the excellent thread. Came just as I needed it in earnest because of this covid-19 emergency.
I have only just started here and had some issues with the link via this post and received an internal error:-

Error: INVALID:skypeforlinux- (file-1fa5d46e): Signature verification failed [4-Signatures public key is not available]
Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID df7587c3: NOKEY
Header SHA1 digest: OK
V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID df7587c3: NOKEY
MD5 digest: OK

Will start over from Skpe website but many thanks for helpful discussion.

Same issue, problem with public key. I need a bit of help here. Above thread mentioned Gnome and I use KDE desktop so that may be the issue but in the Skype system requirements they include openSUSE 13.3+. I am using Tumbleweed so that may be the issue and I may need to start a new thread if I need further advice.

Hey Budgie2, how are you installing Skype? I should also mention that I just checked and skype rpm repository (https://https// seems to be down right now.

You can install it either using rpm or zypper. For me I use zypper.

I have used Google Hangouts for video calling, a sit works from PC to Android phone.
I tried open source Jitsi Meet , it works, but sometimes is slow.
Free version is where you and your contact to whom you give ‘room-name’ and password if applicable share a unique webpage.