Skype KDE 4.3 popups

Is it possible to make Skype using KDE 4.3 pop-ups?
I know that it can be done with ubuntu 9.04 pop-ups so why not with KDE 4.3?

define “pop-ups”

that is, i have no idea what your question means…


Perhaps he means notifications?

Hi. For me it works (more or less) with the Skype plugin for Kopete.

Yes, I meant notifications :slight_smile:

srschifano wrote:
> Perhaps he means notifications?

sorry, i don’t know what that means either…do “pop-ups” and
“notifications” have new meanings in KDE4?

maybe it is just me, but i do not understand either question:

Is it possible to make Skype using KDE 4.3 pop-ups?
Is it possible to make Skype using KDE 4.3 notifications?

rozbarwinek, are you asking if it is possible to install Skype on
KDE4.3 and make it ‘popup’ (more correct term being ‘launch’, ‘start’,
‘run’ etc) from an icon or menu item click?


Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:
I wanted to know can Skype notify when someone is calling or when someone is available with KDE 4.3 notifications, not Skype notification system :slight_smile:
It’s possible with ubuntu 9.04 notification → Get fancy Skype Notifications on Ubuntu 9.04 | DetectorPRO
So I was wondering can it be done with KDE 4.3 notifications system :slight_smile:

hmmm…have no idea…here, when someone calls me it RINGS!
and, if someone text messages me, or if one of my frinds comes on line
there is a tone…

all of that with me doing nothing but accepting the default…

could KDE4 do it better? (ah, maybe cooler if the cube spins around
and jerks your cursor to the Skype window–but better?)


why don’t you just try it you provided that link for the download of the script why not just try it