Skype invaded Linux! err, 9 years ago..

Skype as Native Linux application? It seems users talked here about that ages ago already. WHat a surprise.
Though, Skype is most likely non-oss. Who knows what it does on a system? Microsoft’s been happily logging every Skype user in their Windows domain. Or recording, whatever.
It’s good because emulators may not work properly, it’s bad because their logging now affects more platforms. I’m not stupid enough already, to install google Chrome on Linux, with all their data collection unstoppable nonsense.
Looking at Skype in that light, so be it, record what you want, but it does more than just that. I’m not sure what however. What does it do?
Where is my flying pigeon…

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I’m asking what unsafe actions Skype does on a system, though.

Then the title could have been more descriptive to reflect your query, and best to define your question succinctly and leave out the superfluous comments that don’t add value to getting constructive technical replies. I can close this thread if you’d like.

my 2¢
Skype use to be a p2p communication application developed by the guys that did Kazaa, while it wasn’t secure by design it’s decentralization and p2p core made it a secure communication platform
the internet changed bandwidth became cheep and users became property so a few years ago after Microsoft bought Skype they changed the call setup or signaling routine to always pass thru Microsoft servers (not necessarily the calls them self) so Skype became a centralized form of communication with Microsoft being able to listen in to all communication
that being said Skype is as safe as any other non open source Linux application it does not do anything you don’t let it do if Microsoft was up to something nefarious like scanning your system when you aren’t skyping with another person they would have been caught.

Intersting story thank you, the Thing that’s sounds not so good is the Centralization of Microsoft-Skype. A system without such a core would have been better.
If it doesn’t scan filesystem relief, then probably there are usual tricks left only like advertising in app, binding all theirs ads companies, “userID”, IP together, to “help” us.
It cannot search for something like cookies then.

Oh no need, it will be erased by the world apocalypse anyway.

WebRTC is an interesting technology for secure communication without the need for extra software as it runs in most modern browsers
mozilla even had front-end build-in Firefox called Firefox Hello
but nobody seamed to use it so the mozillians pulled it out
I do believe mega allows for encrypted communication between logged in users (I’ve never tried it)
all you need is a modern browser with webrtc support both Firefox and Chromium should work