skype installation failed, need extra pacakges?

hi all:

thanks for all helped to answer my question regarding skype (for opensuse 13.2).

now i am having issue to have it installed:

host:/home/me/Downloads # rpm -Uvh skype-
error: Failed dependencies:
libpng12-0 is needed by skype-
xorg-x11-libs is needed by skype-

i checked the YasT and found out that i have “libpng16-16” installed. could i also install this “libpng12-0” along with this installed “libpng16-16”?



You need the 32 bit version of those libs. Same name but with 32bit added to it

thanks. my laptop is 32-bit system. i am just wondering whether i can install two different versions of “libpng16-16” and “libpng12-0”.


If the OS is 32 bit then the normal packages should work. If you installed the 64 bit OS then you need the 32 bit version of the libraries. but yes you can have the 12-0 version if it is available in the repos. Different name is a different library no matter what our meat bag brains think LOL

I guess you down loaded the RPM rather then install from the link I gave. That one should have no trouble since the packaging should know the way to do it.

thanks. actually i tried that link and failed. so i had no option but downloaded the rpm package from skype web site.

after installation of libpng12-0, the installation of skype was successful.

thanks for help!


You should use zypper to install packages even if it is a downloaded rpm. That should pull the dependencies if needed but im not saying it is a 100% solution, at least it will lessen some issues/errors :slight_smile:

Install packages that you downloaded.

zypper in foo.rpm


zypper in /path/to/package/foo.rpm

Now if you have a bunch of rpm in a directory and you have bash as the default shell you can do:

packages=(*.rpm); zypper in "${packages@]}"


packages=(/path/to/packages/*.rpm); zypper in "${packages@]}"

For POSIX compliant shell like zsh/mksh/ksh/sh etc. (which bash is included)

set -- *.rpm; zypper in "$@"


set /path/to/packages/*.rpm; zypper in "$@"

Link works here. Also did you try the second which is the general search page. This should be your first stop when a package may not in the regular repos.