Skype crash, 12.2 with kde 4.9.1

i installed opensuse 12.2 64 bit with kde 4.9.1 and skype 4 an an HP pavillion dv9000. i experience frequent screen freezes, which can only be amended by a hard reset. As far as i can tell it happens during a skype call, if i activate the builtin webcam and switch through windows, but it is reproduced somehow unstably and i am not sure if it is a skype or cam crash issue. How can i troubleshoot this?
Thanks in advance!

This could indeed be related to Skype and the webcam.

  • If the screen freezes, can you still access the console ( hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 )?
  • What’s the videocard in the machine + driver installed (if known)?

nothing works upon crash.
An old Nvidia 7600 with the latest nvidia driver
OS Information
OS: Linux 3.4.6-2.10-desktop x86_64
Current user:
System: openSUSE 12.2 (x86_64)
KDE: 4.9.1 “release 561”
Display Info
Vendor: nVidia Corporation
Model: GeForce Go 7600
2D driver: nvidia
3D driver: NVIDIA 304.43

I did some further testing and downloaded kamoso, a tool to activate the camera, and it can get stuck there too, so no skype issue.
I think i managed to replicate the issue:it occurs when i have the webcam open and access a page with a video embedded with firefox. Flash??

I;ve seen more issues with the Go 7xxx series and recent drivers. What are things like if you use the nouveau driver?

used it in 12.1 without issues. In 12.1 i had actually failed to install the nvidia driver, i couldn’t start X with it. In 12.2 it installed seamlessly upon activation of repository, so i hoped problems fixed. How do i roll back to the nouveau driver?

Never mind, figured it out. There is no friend online to test cam in skype, but it has been working with cam open in Kamoso for the past 10 minutes while opening videos in firefox. I guess this was the problem :slight_smile: Thanks for your tip!!