Skencil on openSUSE 11 does not run

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I recently installed opensuse 11 on my 64-bit compaq presario v6000 laptop. Though I had some initial problems that may have been caused due to my being only a user of GNU Linux and not a programmer, I was finally able to install opensuse 11 nicely. I primarily use my laptop only for writing technical documents, browsing the web, running software on remote servers, ftp-ing documents, etc. So, I have tested only these features (using both wired and wireless connections to my LAN), and I am happy with how suse has helped them work nicely on my machine. I have been using SUSE since 2003 when I purchased the 8.x version.


Ok, now comes the report of a software that won’t work:

I wish to use SKENCIL. Here is what I get on my xterm when I run skencil:

ram@linux-94ai:~> skencil
shared memory images supported
Could not load font ‘--luxi sans-medium-r---11------iso8859-1’ for ruler. using defaults.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/skencil”, line 34, in <module>
File “/usr/lib64/skencil-0.6.17/Sketch/Base/”, line 148, in main
run_script = options.run_script)
File “/usr/lib64/skencil-0.6.17/Sketch/UI/”, line 183, in init
File “/usr/lib64/skencil-0.6.17/Sketch/UI/”, line 223, in build_window
File “/usr/lib64/skencil-0.6.17/Sketch/UI/”, line 97, in init
File “/usr/lib64/skencil-0.6.17/Sketch/UI/”, line 592, in build_window
hrule = ruler.Ruler(root, orient = ruler.HORIZONTAL)
File “/usr/lib64/skencil-0.6.17/Sketch/UI/”, line 68, in init
font = self.tkwin.LoadQueryFont(‘fixed’)
AttributeError: Ruler instance has no attribute ‘tkwin’

Then, nothing happens. Skencil does not launch.


I found this exact problem reported at Nabble - skencil-devel - Skencil build issues in modern environment

I wonder if SUSE is working on fixing this problem.

Has SUSE provided a non-working 64-bit version? Does SUSE not test its rpms before it provides them? Note that this is not a complaint, just a question.

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Not just the 64 bit version. My 32 bit Dell Optiplex displays the same problem.

Bug 392195 describes exactly this problem:
It is classified as resolved.
Can somebody explain to me what the resolution is?
Which package has been dropped?
What is the relation to sk1?

Thanks for your help!

Looks like you need to go to - Home of the sK1 vector graphics editor and UniConvertor and download the rpm packages for Suse 10.3 & load them. This will give you a new version called SK1. Note the instructions say you must install the dependencies first, then the sk1 package.