Skanlite doesn't see HP multi-function printers

So I just had to re-install Tumbleweed, with the 7/3 version.

On the previous install, after I installed my wifi-based HP 8700 using hp-toolbox (a very nice utility), I then opened skanlight and it found the scanner on that device automagically. Now skanlite says, “Sorry. No devices found.” From the HP Toolbox, I can click the link for the printer’s webpage and use that to scan into the browser, then save a PDF, so I’m not dead in the water, but I actually favor skanlite when it works.

I also have an HP Envy 4510 to which the paragraph above applies equally. Any idea either what’s causing this behavior or what config files to change manually?



PS: I had Leap 15 installed for a day, with the same problem.

Hi gfagan. For the HPLIP (hpaio) scanner backend to work, the CUPS backend must also be correctly configured for the HP printers. That’s explained here

BTW, that can be checked using

hp-check -t
lpstat -t

Assuming that checks out ok, also make sure that ‘hpaio’ is present and uncommented in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf, and the scanner should hen be detected okay by whatever scanning application you’re using.

Thanks, Deano - hpaio in dll.conf was commented out. -GEF

Glad to have been of assistance. :slight_smile: