sis driver for SIS 771/671 PCIE

I bought a Laptop with Sis 771/671 onboard graphic, with a 1440x900 resolution.
Since this SIS is not supported by the open suse distribution, I am running it with poor resolution for two years now.
Every update of OpenSuse I hope it could be supported now, since I see in the internet that there seem to be solutions for other distributions. However nothing happend yet.

Is there any intension at OpenSuse to do something about it ?


I have been unable to find much good news for you. I did locate a Web site with some source code files you might try to work with. Don’t know if this will help or not.

SiS on Linux: Downloads

Thank You,

hej Sven, two things:

  1. in the bug report you made two years ago when you first found this
    problem–has there been no activity logged on it?

if there is no bug report there will be no fix!

see: where you might
find it, if you do add to the report…if it is not there you will
know for certain why nothing has been done…

  1. this is NOT a help forum, it is for discussing the forums themselves…

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Moved as this is no Comment/Suggestion about these Forums, but a request for help about using a piece of hardware in openSUSE.

Sorry for using this forum wrong, maybe.
What I tried to do is to suggest/comment OpenSuse 11.3 to support the new SIS, since source open source code is available already since a while.

Anyway, where have you moved my Comment/Suggestion to ?


  1. It is moved to hardware (as you can see for yourself because you seems to have posted to it).

  2. The “sorry” should go to yourself. When you post in the wrong forums, how do you think the “right” people (those who could help you) will see it?

  3. the Comments/Suggestions is about the Forums, NOT about openSUSE.

  4. These Forums are about openSUSE users helping openSUSE users. Thus maybe another openSUSE user having experience with the same hardware as you can help you.

  5. These Forums are NOT a place to tell/ask Novell to support hardware or any other whishes on openSUSE and/or Linux. Novell people do NOT come here. Suggestions about the future of openSUSE go to openFATE: But you better ask here first, because it may be that you problem can be solved with the openSUSE levels supported now.

  6. Seeing the number of posts you posted until now, you must be very new here on the Forums. I do not know if anybody allready said “WELCOME” to you, but I do.
    I hope the above “crash course” in how our Forums try to function does not shy you away. I also hope someone with knowledge about your SIS 771/671 PCIE might come here with positive news. But in post #2 above you will see that jdmcdaniel3 is pessimistic.

Thank a lot, for the clear answers and the warm welcome.