Single IP address to Multiple NICs

My servers Netbios name is BGRSVR-X, it currently has one IP address There are several shares on the machine (it’s running Suse 11.0 KDE3.5 by the way).

My Linux “clients” connect to it using fstab and the IP address of the machine (for some reason i can’t “find” it when i look for the netbios name?) example fstab would be something like:-

\\music \home\badger_fruit\lan\music …

The problem is, as I get more content and the kids grow, there is more demand on the poor network card (the pc is good enough as it’s 3ghz and has 1gb ram)!

I thought if i put in a few more (possibly one NIC per share?) NICs then it would spread out the load and improve the end-user experience (wow, corporate speak and it’s before lunchtime!) but they would need to share the same IP address.

Question 1: Is it possible?
and if it is
Question 2: is there a guide or online help someone can point me at?

yes it is possible, you have to create bridges

Bridging - openSUSE is a good start, use netcontrol instead of networkmanager (/etc/sysconfig/network/config)

i’ll have a look into it, because the howto is writen for 10.3…

To do what you are asking for requires NIC bonding, NIC teaming, link aggregation and probably other synonyms. You can easily find HOWTOs, e.g.

NIC Bonding/Teaming - Debian Sarge | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Or you could buy a gigabit NIC if you currently have 100Mbit.

Bridging is a different concept.