single click open file and folders in dolphin using XFCE

Hi, on my desktop I’m using XFCE and I get single click in thunar (right click on desktop>desktop settings>icons tab>check on singli click to activate items)
but I prefere to use dolphin, but when I open dolphin the single click doesn’t works, I searched in dolphin settings but I didn’t find any option on single click.
how can I get to open files and folders with single click in dolphin?

Google suggests that it is set in ~/.config/kdeglobals


This should be global setting for all KDE components.

so I have to add (becouse in the [KDE] session is not present the


and then logout and login?

Dolphin inherits the global KDE setting, which via the GUI is:

(KDE) “System Settings → Workspace Behaviour → General Behaviour - Clicking files or folders…”

Well, you certainly could try it. At least on Tumbleweed single click seems to be the default setting, I do not know about Leap 15.4 (I only have only one test VM with KDE).

Single Click is also the Leap 15.4 default.

You should have a qt5ct.conf in your
/home/user/.config/qt5ct and find this line:


Change the 1 to 2 to enable single click

Hope this helps

This file is managed by qt5ct application and used by qt5ct plugin. So one needs to install qt5ct first at which point it is easier to use qt5ct GUI to change settings.

I would expect Dolphin being KDE application to use KDE configuration file. But if course it is also something that can be tried.

Out of curiosity I installed dolphin under XFCE and observed the same behavior.

Editing this file had no effect.

While installing qt5ct did allow switching between single and double click, it also completely changed dolphin appearance. It may be possible to configure qt5ct to provide the same look’n’feel as default KDE theme, but it is something I was not really interested in.

Yes I use the the gui also and it is accessible from the xfce4 settings manager. I just use the .conf because everyone seems to use by hand method in this thread:)
As an aside I use kwin also so the kde systemsettings5 is also available in xfce4 settings manager and can be use to beautify the bling-blings in xfce4 to look like KDE a little bit.

tried, doesn’t works

also this doesn’t works