single boot mac

I have been trying to make my mac single boot opensuse with no luck. I think it should be possible to do it though because when I took a live image and did a “dd” to the harddrive of the mini everything worked perfect. It would boot up and go straight into the Opensuse live enviorment it just was not persistent so I would lose everything at reboot.

Satisfied it could work on a mac without any of the EFI additional stuff I then booted off a live usb and tried to do the os install. I have gone through everything I could find and almost everything is for installing opensuse with OS X not as a single boot. They involve rEFIt or rEFInd and I can’t get either of those to work because when I am installing it the install deletes the partition that is on. Does anyone have an advice or help with this? I thought it was possible to get Opensuse to install natively without the other things if I just wanted a single boot.

If I use the standalone rEFIt cd and try to boot the os it say “No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key”

The version of opensuse I am using is 12.3 and the and I am using a 2012 mac mini. The install seems to go through fine and at one point I even