Since this is general chit-chat, 2 to thank and then some........

I would like to take the time to thank all that have supported me in this forum community in recent day. More than a little helpful! More than supportive! I wish I could remember all the names, you know who you are.

**But, I would especially like to give big thanks to two members, that kept me at it up front, helped me started, and stayed with me until I was up and running(and after).
mrmiata and nrickert >>>> Thank you both for your time, your efforts, and your patience helping to get me set up, installed, and using openSUSE!

Bill L



Well, since this thread has been started, I’ll add my name to the list of people who have been helped here on this forum. I always cringe when faced with the prospect of having to rely on a forum for support of a product. I’ve been disappointed far too many times. However, I’ve been here for quite a while, and have had my share of problems with linux, mainly stemming from my lack of knowledge. The support and education I’ve received here is simply outstanding! What makes it even more amazing is that everyone here is doing this on a volunteer basis! If only some of the paid support programs I’ve been forced to use were half as good! So, Yes! Here’s a big hand for all the members of this forum!


**Oh my! I mis-named mrmazda! What a stupid thing to have done, especially since his name is all over my earliest posts! (and PM’s)
**Sorry mrmazda! please accept my apology. **
Without your help and patient understanding I would have never gone beyond just ‘thinking’ about installing a Linux.