Since last zypper dup my system is totally unstable, is this kernel related maybe?

i do not kown if this is just a coincidence but since the laster zypper dup (which also brought the new kernel my system is totally unstable.

Firefox is crashing all the time, gimp is crashing during exporting images, i cannot start conky anymore with the error message: resource not available at the moment,
it seems that my soundcard is not detected anymore…
in general everything is unstable, apart from the sound card problem, most of the other problems can be circumvented for some time (or some clicks) when restarting the application.

Is there anyone else having such problems?

Maybe this problem and solution

I noticed that there was another kernel update which i installed first, also pam was downgraded during this zypper dup (the link you gave also had information about problems with pam)
after a reboot the system was stable, but i still had no sound.
But i noticed that the soundcard was found but not configured, i do not know what caused this but after some configuration and another reboot it worked again.
I also reinstalled systemd and pam-config as suggested in the link you gave.