since last update i cannot login to GUI: login loop or freeze


after i did a system upgrade via “zypper dup” yesterday i cannot login to the GUI (Gnome and IceWeasel) anymore. When selecting the user and typing the password and then hitting enter, there is usually a short flicker and then the login window is back and i can try to login again as if the last try did not happened. But sometimes after hitting enter, the pc/system just freezes forever and i have to perform a hard reset! Today i performed another zypper dup, there are a lot of changes but the problem stays.

I am using a Dell XPS 15 9560 notebook and the current version of tumbleweed.

Test with a different Display Manager (not different Desktop).

yes, xdm works but gnome is very slow but this is probably related to gnome itself.

Also test with LightDM

The same happened to my Tumbleweed too. Obviously it is Gnome related, other DE work. SUSE pushed a way too far in its latest practices to provide unstable content and turn users into QA.
Thanks,no, I will check after a week with another update.