simultaneous sound in number of applications in opensuse 11

hello all/
i want to know how do i use simultaneous sound in number of applications.


For openSUSE-11 KDE-3.5.9 I think I know the answer, … which is chose the alsa API in all your multimedia applications. But for Gnome and KDE-4.x I really don’t know. …

If alsa is still a choice, then maybe that is still an approach, … but I can’t verify that.

I tried to document some of the openSUSE sound concepts that I read about (and think I understand) here:
Sound-concepts - openSUSE
… that page could probably use some updates from those ‘who know’ more, and the openSUSE could also use a companion “practical” sound troubleshooting page specific to pulse audio.

With respect to alsa, from what I know, in essence alsa provides hardware drivers and an API (for multimedia programs to interface to). Alsa has the added feature that multiple audio players can play at once.

OSS (which provides drivers and an API) does not have that feature of multiple players playing audio at once. The aRts and ESD sound servers (which can interface direct to the alsa or OSS hardware drivers) also do not have that feature.

I do no know wrt pulse audio.