simply changing time?

i have to assume that i’m missing something. it can’t be this difficult to simply change the time on my machine.

any time i click the gnome panel to change time, i have to wait through rpm scans and all sorts of other bullshit. my first thought is, “why isn’t the time maintained in the first place?!”. the second thought is, “if it has changed, why is it so **** difficult just to reset it?”.

Um, I never need to change the time on my system, but I’m almost positive that if you open YaST and go to the system menu, there is a Date and Time module there. Simply open that and click change where the time is shown.

Please refrain from using profanities!

Correct… YaST > System > Date and Time

But rpm is only a 3-letter word. :wink:

Also, if you use the Date and Time in YaST, there is no reason for it to do anything with RPMs, at least, it doesn’t on my system.

Also, I don’t know if you are running 11.0, as you didn’t mention it in your first post, but there is a button that allows you to skip that stuff if you feel it is unnecessary.

I wish I could find that button in real-life. :slight_smile:

It’s there, whenever a yast module wants to refresh the repositories on the bottom right hand corner.

Unless of course your making a joke, and I missed it… in which case… woosh

Ha ha, it’s late.

I haven’t tried it under 11.0 yet, but I was having the same (seriously annoying) problem - I’d go to change the system time, and in order to simply do this, I’d for some reason have to wait like 10 minutes for YaST to update repositories.
Why it has to update repositories to change the system time, I have no clue… :confused:

11.0 is a lot quicker about updating repositories, and I just checked. The Date and Time in YaST doesn’t do that. If it did before, I don’t know, but I’m positive it doesn’t in 11.0.

You are lucky if you are using kde 3.5X or you have at least the kcontrol installed.
You can avoid the hassle if you use the kcontrol in changing the time.