Simplify Media

So i’m running Simplify Media on my Mac and Linux. On the linux machine, I can ssh from my Mac, type in the command ./ -n username…etc and it’ll log me into my account. My Mac shows that the simplify media app has loaded on the linux rig and is logged in. I can play music from the linux rig on my iTunes.

However, on my iPhone, I also have Simplify Media. I can’t seem to listen to songs from it, yet it works on the Mac using iTunes.

If I copy a song or two from the linux rig to my Mac into iTunes, then have Simplify Media on the Mac running, my iPhone will play the music. So i’m not sure what’s going on with SM on the linux rig?

Basically, i’m trying to avoid having music on my iPhone or Mac. Instead, I can log into SM and stream it from home or from anywhere else in the world.