Simple solution for audio and devices control not working after KDE update

After update OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, hence KDE, only loudspeakers did work, headphones ou devices via P2 doesn’t was able to be managed.

The solution that I found:
Make sure that ALSA drivers are installed, following this article: Audio Troubleshooting.

Do not installl pavucontrol or try to install pipewire-pulse to replace pulse-audio, because for me wasn’t nothing about Pulse Audio, and try to install or substitute it just remove the package that generates the issue: plasma5-pa. If you doesn’t have this package, install, via terminal or Yast; the last version works fine for me. If you have, make sure your KDE version is the for 5.21.4.

The plasma5-pa enables to manage volume and devices from System Tray widget (volume icon), tha update of last Saturday broken and the new brings the solution, apparently.

If I cannot manage my devices again, this package, plasma5-pa, and its last version that worked fine will be the primary thing that I will check, if my audio drives is the properly state.

I hope that is can be of some utility.

You may be alone in your experience
I certainly have no issues to report like you describe or at all for that matter

ILL nowadays TW is using PipeWire by default, not PulseAudio.