Simple Scan - takes about 2 minutes to start to scan

I first though simple-scan had hung after I clicked on scan - while I was preparing to kill it - it started scanning.

on 42.3 it took about 8 seconds for the scan to start - it took 88 seconds in 15.0

Scanner is on Samsung SCX-3405W USB attached.

Any idea as to why - (I have not rebooted since I reinstalled the Samsung Drivers as I thought they might need reinstalled after the upgrade but no difference)

Printing to the Samsung is normal so the USB is working fine.

If this was a first time scan on Leap 15 after a reinstall of the drivers, I’d

  1. Reboot to see it the issue persists, if so
  2. Start simple-scan from a the command line in a terminal window and look at the output for potential culprits.

I delete the simple-scan file in .cache and rebooted.

It appears that the reinstall and what was in memory conflicted - the reboot fixed the issue.

I thought about the fact I had not rebooted after I posted the message.