Simple question...

Where is the alsa config file and what is it called? I have a Native Instruments Audio 8 sound card and I want to know what the system sees it as.

I don’t think there is an Alsa configuration file.

There is probably some cute command that would do it, which I don’t know. You may be able to work it out from dmesg. However, for wimps like me, what is wrong with either f the following GUIs?

  1. Start - System - Monitor - KInfoCenter - Sound

or if you are not on KDE

  1. Start - Yast - Hardware - Hardware information - Sound

Hope that helps

Please do not title a thread “Simpl question”. That will lure no realy knowing people to your thread (sorry @plodder, I do not mean you, but you must have been very curious to see what a siinple qquestion looks like).

Also, as we have a Multimedia subforum (Questions about media applications, codecs (DVD, music, video, pdf) configuration (usage, bugs)), why did you not post there?

This is all to be able to help you better, and I suppose that that is what you want.

I found this thread by pure luck. I happened to be searching on the word “sound” and stumbled across, and even then I almost did not open the thread, but got my hand eye coordination wrong, and instead of opening the “search hit” above this, I opened this in error. The Title "Simple Question… " kept me away from this thread as there are thousands of threads and one needs a more relevant title for one to use to filter and decide which to visit.

Anyway, to learn more information as to what your ‘system’ sees, run the diagnostic script in a terminal:


Thanks. Beaut!

@hcw I apologize for titling. I posted it in here because it is sort of a hardware thing.
@oldcpu I tried that already. It didn’t give me the information I was looking for.

The Native Instruments Audio 8 is a sound card with multiple inputs and outputs. I know of the actually address from this page; However, When I run an application; like VLC, I only see “Audio 8 DJ: Audio 8 DJ (hw:2,0)”. Which doesn’t specify which output to send the audio through. VLC isn’t the only application that I see it in. I’m wondering where it’s getting that info so I can adjust it to an actual port on that card.

The information you want is NOT what I would call “simple”. Now you want experts in sound to help you and how many experts do you think you will get with a subject entitled "Simple question … " ?? :\ IMHO not many. Probably none. Not one. Me? I’m no expert. I’m just an average user who has a lot of experience with BASIC sound problems.

If you wish to tune alsa beyound the default setup, one way to do that is to create a .asoundrc file in your /home/username directory. But that is beyond my capabilities to help.

I thought is was something like alsa.conf or something that specified the “hw:0,0” type stuff.

merg… I know I ran across it somewhere in here…

psybernetik wrote:
> I know I ran across it somewhere in here…

try the forums advanced search at ?

or, google with the site specifier

like maybe:

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The policy in openSUSE is not to mess with the system alsa configuration files as that typically causes more problems, and can break things when there are updates. It is simply considered a bad idea. Applying some solution for an alsa config file to openSUSE’s alsa configuration files typically causes WAY MORE problems than it solves. So I recommend you don’t do it.

If one must update a file for configuration upon boot, the file (in 11.2) is /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf

and if one wishes to tune further (like you are pondering) the place to do it is /home/username/.asoundrc