Simple Image Viewer for Kiosk App?

Hi All,

I am trying to locate a simple image viewer that does the following simple function:

  1. Able to open JPEG files (only .jpg images loaded).
  2. Open them in full screen mode (launched via terminal command).
  3. Able to close once clicked on them in full screen mode (example config file: MOUSE_BTN0 = quit)

I tried a few, I liked the simplicity of Eye of Gnome ( eog ), but the close on a click while in full screen doesn’t seem an option? Unless there’s a config file hidden somewhere?

Anyone have any suggestions?

Using OpenSUSE 11.2

I need that too for the PC in my kindergarten.
Right now I use the screensaver-diasshow. It works okay, only the kids can’t control the viewer - just watch

Well, since no replies, I simply downloaded eog source and changed the code a tiny bit to allow the application to close upon a mouse click detection when on full-screen mode. Works for me.

You may want to contribute back to that apps developers. Sounds like a simple change that may be useful to others.

Hi gogalthorp,

I would, but let’s be honest, adding 2 lines of code to say, “on click, close program” is not something they need reminding, it’s a feature that most eog users simply don’t use.

I’ve tried adding a “request” for the developer to add an option like that in the next version, we shall see if they implement. Totally up to them.