simple firewall

Good day,

Using SLES11, squid 2.7, NO TRANSPARENT PROXY, and work fine.
Now i need permit a some users only acces to a pop from external mail
(outgoing mail authenticated)

Private interface


Public interface 1


I try use, but it´s
so much for me.I very novice with firewall,

Are there any basic iptables rules to do this? How to procedure with Yast
Firewall for this requeriment?

Thanks for your help
Juan L. Mera

Juan Mera wrote:
> Using SLES11

hi Juan,

you are VERY welcome to hang out here and see if one of the openSUSE
volunteers [we here are part of the openSUSE Community -=welcome=-]
can give you some good tips (someone probably can), but in fact your
commercial/enterprise SLES is supported by Novell and their forum…

just aim your newsreader at, port 119

i suggest you ask there, and check back here for more (which may or
may not come)…

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don’t be annoyed but I have to say so. If this is too much for you you should stop administrate servers and get some professionel aka paid help.