Simple? but a deal breaker!

I like the Suse distro - when I can use it.

The problem is that I can seldom use it because the “updating” popups take up half the screen and are always in the foreground so they interfere with anything you would like to do or see - even setting something up to run.

I have read a number of threads here with the same complaint and don’t find any solutions in them. The most prominent solution offered is to turn off automatic updates using Yast, but when I do this is simply turns itself back on as soon as I close by clicking Finish button.

Simply put - is there a solution to this annoyance or should I simply look for another distro because I won’t accept this “quirk”?


Right click the updater applet
Do not start at boot
Quit the updater

reboot and it should be gone. I don’t use it either.

It is perhaps worth stating (without meaning to seem patronising, but it is impossible to know a persons level of knowledge…) that you will then have to keep track of updates manually. Running ‘zypper up’ in a root console once a week - or month - would be fine…