Silly question about KDE3 vs 4

Fairly new to Linux yet, but so far been able to figure things out as I go. I was originally using Ubuntu, but after toying around with the new OpenSUSE 11 release I’m hooked and going to switch.

I installed it on a “junker test” machine several times, just to see how things worked. Tried the KDE4 version first. All in all it worked pretty well, but had a few stability issues, no surprise there.

Reinstalled it with KDE3. Everything’s working nicely.

One thing that I really liked from KDE4 was Dolphin. I used to think Nautilus was nice, but wow.

Tried installing it in KDE3. Just grabbed it via Yast, and it pulled in a couple dependencies. Launches properly. A few icons aren’t showing up properly (desktop for example shows up as a question mark), and I’m completely unable to get the terminal panel to display at all; completely blank.

Didn’t find anything on the Wiki about this. Is there something I need to install? Or is it basically a lost cause and should stick with Konqueror? I’m really liking KDE3’s stability and speed, but would like to get Dolphin running if possible. Or should I give KDE 4.1 beta a spin? I’m pretty comfortable with where things stand in Gnome, but I’m not all that knowledgeable about KDE yet.