Silly! Can't find teh disk manager to add partition!

Pardon my sillyness!

I cannot find the Disk Manager! I read that there is a “KDE Disk Manager” but I can’t find it. I tried entering GParted into the terminal, and Parted, and other such words.

I currently have Vista, Swap, Suse, and then unallocated space which I want to use for Data storage which is to be shared with Vista. I figured that I should format it to FAT system.

use yast
system - partitioner

be careful - do you know what you are doing??

> Do you know what you’re doing?
Not sure!

I created a partition and formatted it with FAT. How do I now mount it? And I would like it to mount automatically on bootup ideally.

you can manage that in the yast partitioner
edit fstab settings

but I usually edit fstab manually


make a copy of the contents and post here
also backup a copy of the file somewhere

you have to be super user to open it

In the yast partitioner you can edit your new partition choosing a mount point by your choice. Accept all and then reboot even if not necessary. If you don’t know very well what you are doing i suggest not to touch fstab. Let yast do the job for you