Signing certificates for Argon & Krypton ISOs?

Looks like is not in their list…?

You need to raise an infrastructure bug to get it to switch automatically…

If you try, or they should all redirect to https (well they do in Firefox).

And they do also in Vivaldi. I am completely used to seeing “all” other oS sites i frequent, being https, which i’d not realised til now was due to the effect of that extension… i naively assumed all these sites were natively https. Hence, the Downloads site stands out to me like a sore thumb, being only http… & thus being one of the reasons i initiated this topic.

OK, will do… but i have to ask again my earlier question. At, which of these is the right “product” i need to choose pls?

**First, you must pick a product on which to enter a bug:**


[TH="align: right"][openSUSE Backports]([/TH]|openSUSE:Backports project in|

[TH="align: right"][openSUSE Distribution]([/TH]|openSUSE Leap & Stable releases|

[TH="align: right"][openSUSE Tumbleweed]([/TH]|openSUSE Rolling Release|

[TH="align: right"][]([/TH]|The openSUSE project (not the distribution)|

Aha, ok it seems that the 4th one is the applicable one, but that leads to another question; which of these highlighted options is best here pls? I would have guessed the 1st, but the literal interpretation of your advice infers the 2nd…

I would pick Infrastructure, it will get re-assigned if not…

Bug 1064826

gooey girl, I must confess, I love your threads. the screenshots in these very special colours are… invaluable :slight_smile: although I must confess I could not work with such a machine. sorry for OT… :smiley:

Hi suse_rasputin rotfl!

Web pages are often built by numerous gets from multiple sources.
When not all the parts of the page are secured by https, then https-everywhere can’t guarantee that the <whole> page is validated coming from verified sources.

Hence, “Partial.”


Thank you. That makes sense [of course], but from my perspective wrt my original query in this thread, unless i see the green padlock & the https prefix on any given page, i do not trust the site, & i modify the way i choose to interact with such sites accordingly. I will be very pleased if/when the ISO site in question becomes full https.