Signature length

Hey guys,

I just wanted to bring this up because I wasn’t sure if this was set by a board administrator, or just a board default: is the signature purposely set to only 3 lines? I can completely understand limiting the number of lines in a signature to stop abuse, but would we be able may to have 5 or 6 lines instead of 3? It’s not a huge deal, but for things like computer specs and things of that matter, 3 is a bit small. If this is set on purpose, then feel free to drop this suggestion, but just wanted to bring this up in case it was a board default.

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s the number of lines as much as it is the number of characters. This is from the T’s & C’s.


Signatures may contain up to 256 characters (including spaces) at the forums’ default font size and one image. All images must be under 100 pixels wide by 40 pixels high. Links to external sites shall not contravene the clause on Advertising/Spam. Members in violation of this rule will be given an opportunity to adjust their signature within guidelines. If the appropriate action is not taken within 2 days, the signature will be removed by staff.


That sounds very reasonable, but at the moment, I got a warning that my signature was over 3 lines and that my signature could not contain links. That’s the only reason I brought it up because it seems like a default length and settings.

I’ll change it to 5 lines. We’re looking at a 256 character limit per the T&C, so 5 lines should work pretty well, and still stay within the intent of the T&C. :slight_smile:

Neither the 3 line warning or the inability to post a link match what’s in the T’s & C’s, so I’ll leave that explanation to an Admin.

Okay. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of the problem if anyone needs it.

Screenshot-4.png - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Check it now. It should allow 5 lines, up to 256 characters total (including BBcode), and allow links.

The length of the signature allows up to 5 now. Thanks.

The one thing though is that links are still not allowed.

I tested it, and also, the posting rules say that BBCode URLs are not allowed.

Try the link now.

All’s a go now!

Thanks, Kastorff.

(Sorry to be a pain about it :smiley: )