Shutting down fans based on temperature?

I’m on a Dell XPS 9570 running TW. When running on the Intel iGPU, the temps are low across the board as reported by lm-sensors, yet the fan still continues to hum away quietly, never spinning down. Even while idle; even when the computer sleeps, I can hear the gentle whirring of the fan up close; it will not stop until the computer suspends.

Is there a way that someone can share with me, how to set up my fans to only activate above a certain temperature? I am concerned that the constant running will degrade their lifespan.

I can tell the fans are not being controlled/overridden by the BIOS as they turn off normally under W10 when there is no/little load on the system.

I looked at i8kutils but it appears to depend on aumix, which I cannot find for TW.

Worst case for a fans and chips is a permanent start-stop cycling.
HP notebooks kills chips with that technique.
It is much cheaper to clean or replace fans compared to motherboard replacement.