Shutter installation issue or other screenshot tool. C

As I recall I used to use shutter but it has gone from my system. When I now try and install using Yast I get the message

nothing provides perl(Gnome2) needed by shutter-0.94-1.9.noarch
and the options not to install or to break by ignoring dependencies.
What should I install to get this working please?
Alternatively which application would be a good screenshot tool?

Assume this is about Gnome (reading from somewhere deep in your post).

I saw it here:

Well there is no build for Tumbleweed and it would be well beyond my skill set to build it myself but I see the dependencies are all listed and there is a tarball. Project for a rainy day unless somebody can help. (There is a build for Leap 15.1 so it is still a live project)