Shutdown wifi whenever hardwired internet is working?

How do i configure tumbleweed to shutdown the wifi device as long as the hardwired device has a working internet connection?

There is no magic knob. As long as you are using NetworkManager (you did not say) it may be possible using dispatcher script, see man NetworkManager-dispatcher.

Thank you, sure enough NM dispatches when a network device comes up, and when there’s full connectivity. Sadly NM doesn’t pass along which device(s) attained full connectivity, a relevant and missing detail if both hardwired and wifi devices just came up. Perhaps it could be found by probing routing tables or logs. But for me i can make do to just test whether a hardwired device comes up and not bother to check full connectivity:

  #  ls -l /etc/N*/d*/*
-rwxr--r-- 1 root root 185 Mar 30 07:18 /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/shutwifi
  #  cat  /etc/N*/d*/*
{ echo "$(date):($@)"
  [[ $* != e*\ up ]]||{         #if an e*(hardwired) device comes up
     set -x
     nmcli radio wifi off       #then shutdown wifi device