Shutdown Troubles

The machine is a new Intel Core i7 4770 on an Intel DH87MC motherboard, dual-boot (in straightforward legacy mode, not UEFI) running 64-bit Win 7 or openSUSE 12.3 with KDESC 4.10.5. Both installations are fully updated; in the case of openSUSE from stable repositories only.

There’s a problem with shutdown in oS 12.3. Telling the machine to shutdown and poweroff invariably causes shutdown and reboot instead, which I then have to intercept by holding in the physical “Off” button. This occurs whether shutdown is invoked from the KDE graphical interface or the commandline.

There’s nothing in the BIOS settings to suggest why. In any case the machine shuts down properly from the Win 7 installation, so it can’t be a BIOS thing but must be something to do with the oS 12.3 installation specifically.

I’ve experimented with the -h, -H and -P parameters, the “halt” variations, and the alternative “systemctl poweroff” command, all without success. I’ve googled all over the place, but have found nothing relevant. Intuition suggests it’s probably something in systemd, but that’s a guess – and even if it’s an accurate one I don’t know the answer.

It should be simple, but I’ve run out of ideas. Anyone??? Please!

Do you have RTC wakeup configured in the BIOS settings maybe?
Then this could be the cause, see

Thank you for the comment and reference. Very interesting, but I doubt that it’s the issue here.

The BIOS interface is Intel’s “Visual BIOS”, which is a bit different from the more familiar standard interface, and takes a little getting used to. Even so, I can find nothing in it that offers (or even hints at) an RTC boot option. In fact by googling I see comment that more modern BIOSs might not include the RTC function at all; and that could well be the case here.

But thanks for trying…