Shutdown takes forever

Not sure if correct place, sorry if wrong.

My system takes forever to shutdown. The last command on screen shows “removed slice system-network.slice” and pauses there for about a minute (seriously). Obviously I want to speed that up, not sure if its normal, or something is wrong. This is a basic 13.1 install with all updates completed. Any help is appreciated.
John Kilbert

Do you have any nfs mounts?
Could be this bug:

Well my problem is very similar to that one, the same setup did work fine in 12.3. Since 13.1 I am having the shutdown issue and a very annoying occasional pause when using the internet that seems random. I am not at home to check the mount, but I do not believe I have any cifs or nfs mounts. All my drives are sata (there are 6 of them) and formatted ext4. There are no network shares. I do on occasion use a fat32/ntfs formatted flash drive, but that seems to have no effect - as the issue is always there regardless of if I use the flash drive or not.

OK, then this cannot be it.

Do you maybe have acpid installed? If yes, try to uninstall it, as this could cause hangs at shutdown (but even on 12.3 already).

Other than that I have no idea atm.

Maybe have a look here for how to debug this:

Thanks! that looks like real helpful information. I will try it later.
Not sure about acpid. will have to look.