Shutdown take long time

Hi, there!
I’ve a fresh installation of openSuse 13.1 (64 bits). (Also I’ve installed a few applications: TeamViewer 9, VirtualBox 4.3, Skype 4.3, and so on.)
Everything is fine, but when I shutdown (or restart) the system, it take long time.
Shutdown process seems to start normally, but stops when the console says:

[OK] Stopped Target Remote File System (Pre).

Then, after several minutes the shutdown process continues as normal.

Can you help me?
Idon’t know, where can I start looking.

Thank you, in advance

I beg your pardon, fellows.
I found the problem: TeamViewer 9. So I disabled “teamviewed” service and everything returned to normal.

Ah, great! It is nice that you were able to find the solution yourself.

Way to go! :slight_smile: