Shutdown & Sleep Don't Work

Since kernel 5.10 shutdown has been spotty, often ending up with a blank screen or with an at (@) symbol and blinking cursor and I have to force power down. Since then it has gotten worse. From about 30% of the time to 80%+ percent of the time it does not work.

Also sleep just causes the system to restart rather than go into sleep mode (prior to 5.10 it worked fine).

I tried adding


as few others have suggested and it does seem to allow shutdown to happen (though I only tried it once), but causes the keyboard to stop working (not sure what the connection is).

Good evening,

I think with the same kind of problem as you.

Indeed, I recently updated my ProLiant Gen10 from Kernel 5.14 to 5.15 and my system no longer properly turns off the computer.

I noticed that the hard drives are shut down, the video card, keyboard / mouse then the hard drives are restarted.

Do you also have this kind of problem?