Shutdown/Reboot hang

It has been a while that I have been having this problem: the system hangs on shutdown and reboot.

If I press Esc on the shutdown screen i get

[FAILED] Failed unmounting /var.

. A few moments after it reaches

Starting Reboot

this two errors pop up:

[116.953408] systemd-udevd[588]: giving up waiting for workers to finish
[116.954277] systemd-udevd[588]: event loop failed: Connection timed out

Shutdown/Reboot takes usually 3 minutes more or less (which compared to Windows/Ubuntu is a lot)
I disabled ipv6 and use NetworkManager.

Machine specs:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 745 (i know it’s a weid match, but its temporary). Proprietary drivers are installed.

openSUSE is installed on a single 70 GB BTRFS partition on a WD Blue HDD

I hope i can fix this issue because I really like openSUSE and i can’t wait to ditch Ubuntu

Hi, welcome

First question: how do you update? If not through ‘zypper dup’ then run that first. No other update mechanisms are supported, as per documentation.
I see the occasional /var message as well, mostly means that mysql or some other service is still shutting down, but it always results in a shutdown or reboot, so something else must be going on. What happens if you run

sudo shutdown -h now


How do you update?

Its a fresh install installed with the latest net Installer iso from openSUSE’s website.


sudo shutdown -h now

I get all the same stuff as before plus a new message, something along the lines of “Protocol error, failed to wait for process” (it was quite quick and i didn’t catch it)