Shutdown problem


I installed the opensuse 11.1 64bits on my machine a few days ago. But I have one problem, when I give the shutdown order, the machine simply doesn’t do it.

The system goes to the “charge screen”, but after the bar complete its charge, the computer doesn’t turn off.


had the same…
check if sleep to disk work (shud be)
on my side when i removed ‘pulseaudio’ with yast, the shutdown problem went away

In my case it doesn’t solve the problem.

Someone have this problem too?

Are you using the shutdown command? There are other threads about this problem.

I haven’t had this problem using init 0

This may be an ACPI issue.

In the thread on Suspend & Sleep in Soapbox or Chit chat, I posted quite a few links with info, that may help investigate potential BIOS problems.

If you bought from a Linux friendly vendor, there may be a BIOS update available. if you bought “Windows” hardware perhaps support will be a brick wall though :frowning: