Shutdown or reboot openSUSE without requiring root password.

Hi everyone!

I was tinkering with SELinux, installed the reference profile and after a reboot I was asked for the root password to mount usb drives, refresh the repos (through apper), suspend the system and to shutdown and reboot it. I manage to get most things back to normal by copying the polkit configuration files in the liveusb image (the ones in /usr/share/polkit-1/ and /var/lib/polkit-1). However it wasn’t enough since I’m still asked for the password when I try to reboot or shutdown the system. I can open konsole and type:
$ systemctl poweroff
$ systemctl reboot
and I’m not asked for it. But when I go to kickoff and select either one I do get asked for it (kdm is configured to use the commands above). Is there a file anywhere else I should modify?

Maybe this helps:
openSUSE 12.3: Chapter 8. Configuring Security Settings with YaST
(esp. 8.4 Boot Settings)

That may help. I’ll try to look at the permissions files in /etc and see if anything is different. Thanks.

You are not making it easier to get an answer for your system when you do not explain which version of openSUSE you use and which desktop.

But in my system (it is openSUSE 12.2 and KDE), there is System Settings > Systemadministration > Login Screen > tab Shutdown. There I see interesting items.

I have the opposite problem. It is not asking me any password to shutdown when I press “shutdown” on the login interface. Anybody accessing the login could shutdown my system. SLES 11.4

This is an old thread and it is about openSUSE not SLES. You are on the wrong forum.

the SLES forum is can be accessed here using the same password

I ran into this issue recently on a LEAP.
On openSUSE (and my guess likely SLE as well)
Open YAST > /etc/sysconfig editor

Do a search for “shutdown” and revise the setting for “all.”