Shutdown on overheating


Ever since I put 12.1 on my acer apsire 5517 laptop, anytime i watch videos fullscreen the computer will overheat and turn off within minutes?

Any ideas? I have double checked the fan appears to work fine and is very clean.


todd aka fibster

> Ever since I put 12.1 on my acer apsire 5517 laptop

these videos, are they in Flash? if so i’m pretty sure you just have to
watch them in less than full screen…

what happens if you watch directly from a DVD? or, a saved to your hard
disk video file?

of course, it could be the chicken bones and cat hair inside the cooling
ducks of your machine…how old is it and have you followed the
manufacturers advice on how and how often to clean it?

NOTE: do not start trying to clean it until you KNOW how (otherwise you
might suddenly have a laptop which never starts again…so, read my
sig’s caveat!)

or, you can just go back to your previous system…


Are you sure it is because of overheating? Have you monitored the temperature, you can exit fullscreen momentarily to see if it is really increasing. And while you are at it also check the cpu usage graphic (gnome has a nice one IINM).

How old is the laptop? I have one that seemed OK but started overheating, and soon the fan got blocked by dust and an unglued sticker in the fan itself. I had to open the d*mn thing, clear it up and replace thermal paste and elastomers (the rubber-like thermal interfaces on the chipset and voltage regulators). Not for the faint of heart, I can tell you…

Yeah, I’ve seen computers that work fine with blocked fans until you try to run something compute intensive, then they overheat. A long time ago I was helping someone install Linux at an installfest (on a Pentium 133, that long ago). The install would crash every time at almost same place in the sequence. Not exactly just almost. Finally we thought to open up the case. The fan was dead.

Left over from the sacrificial ceremony presumably. :smiley: