Shutdown not adhering to sequence

It might be something stupid I did, but for some reason my shutdown sequence does not seem to be in sequence, but in parallel… Some services keep going down while one of my other services is in the middle of its shutdown procedure…
I did use the proper headings in my etc/init.d scripts with dependencies and used chkconfig to add them… the K and S numbers are correct and should result in a proper sequence

Any ideas on what I can look for to explain this issue?

I’m not sure if this is what you want, but by default, suse will start/stop all services in parallel. To change this, start Yast -> System -> /etc/sysconfig editor, click the plus next to System, the plus next to Boot, and select the “Run Parallel” option. Change this to “no” to stop them from running in parallel.

Great that was exactly the problem and your solution seems to work perfectly!

thanks a lot!