Shutdown issues.

With 11.2 and Gnome occasionally it will not shutdown properly. I press the shutdown button and then Gnome starts the shutdown sequence. It terminates the desktop and falls back to GDM, which in it self is normal. However it then just stops, I can’t click anything and the system is not responding either. When I press the physical button on my PC I get the menu of shutdown again. Selecting shutdown again makes the system turn off.

Is this a known issue and or is there a resolution?

t neo wrote:
> occasionally
> Is this a known issue and or is there a resolution?

if you use google or this forums search engine i think you will find
that not everyone using Gnome in 11.2 is having the same experience…

so, this must have something to do with your system…

since it is an occasional issue that points to something
changing…what is that? it could be (for example) you always have the
shut down problem after a session in which you (say) run YaST to
install a program…or (say) run a particular game in WINE…or
(say) Firefox locks up on a flash…or or or or or or

since it is not always happening to you, and never happening to for
some systems, then figuring out what is changing there is the first
step in either fixing your system or logging a bug report for your
particular hardware or software mix…

start taking notes and see if you can find a pattern…


I’ve got similar problems here : “most of the time”, if I click shutdown, my system will go back to the login screen instead of shutting down. If I then hit the power button I’m being ask to confirm the shutdown but then my system freeze (no mouse or keybord response).

Sometimes the shutdown sequence works well. I did not have this problem with 11.1 with a similar config so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

Nothing particular is logged in the logs. I wonder how many users have this problem…

there was a kernel update last week…did you have this problem before


Same problem before and after the kernel upgrade. Somehow, I think it’s related to Gnome (read this thread).

clauded1 wrote:
> Somehow, I think it’s related to Gnome (read this ‘thread’
> (

ok…i didn’t read yours or the other thread with sufficient
attention to decide if both of you have the same problem…if you do
then one of you needs to log a bug report…see: to learn how to do
that…the first step there is to search to see if it has already been
reported (if the other poster did, you should be able to find it)

(HINT: placing a complaint in is NOT the same as
reporting a bug…because, there are practically ZERO openSUSE
developers here, ever.)


I don’t see any complaints in this thread. Forums are a good place to start to look for solutions if problems are encoutered.

Personally, I only log bug reports when I have enough evidence to provide (error messages, 100% repdroducibility, etc). In this case, it’s too random to expect anything getting fixed.

It is a reported bug on Bugzilla with no solution yet. The only workaround I found so far is to first logoff the gnome session and then shutdown (this always works fine).

ok, thanks for posting that…is good to know someone will look at