shutdown -h now?

shutdown -h now should shutdown the computer. Right?

king@linux-jkzv:~> shutdown - h 23
bash: shutdown: command not found
king@linux-jkzv:~> sudo shutdown - h 23
root’s password:
sudo: shutdown: command not found

This is correct. Or should I just admit I’m missing something?

I think it should be +23 - see man shutdown - except that means ‘plus 25 minutes’; -t 23 means ‘plus 23 seconds’.

sudo */sbin/*shutdown -h +23

king@linux-jkzv:~> shutdown -h now
bash: shutdown: command not found

How about if I just want to do it now?

sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now

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Just a question; Why is it required to add /sbin/ to it? In using other distros it was never required. Any reason?

Because /sbin isn’t in your $PATH environment variable :slight_smile:

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